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Classic Backglasses

Generally speaking, these machines were first operated at a mere 25c starting at the 1962 Seattle World's Fair (where Mold-A-Rama was introduced.)  Early in the 70s some machines were raised to 35c, then to 50c in the mid-70s.  In the early 80s it was raised again to 75c.  In 1987, the price was again raised a quarter to $1.  My focus and interest is in the earliest years, which I generally refer to as the "25c to 50c era".

Above, from the 25c era, is an original backglass harkening back to the time of the space race.  Mold a Mercury Space Capsule, an Apollo Astronaut, etc. at the newly renamed JOHN F KENNEDY SPACE CENTER FLORIDA for just 25c!

If you have a better image of the SINCLAIR backglass at the New York World's Fair, please email me at!  This image is from early in the fair, June 1964, courtesy of Bill Cotter.

Another image of the Sinclair backglass at the New York World's Fair, this time from 1965.  If you have a better image of any of these machines at the New York World's Fair - PLEASE email me at!!!  Photo courtesy of Bill Cotter.

The best known image of what MAY be the backglass used for the UNISPHERE at the New York World's Fair in 1964.  Any information on this backglass, and/or a better image of a Unisphere machine, would be greatly appreciated!

Sixteen years after their introduction by MOLD-A-RAMA at the 1962 World's Fair in SEATTLE, MOLDs were still only 25c into 1978, but they would soon double in price to 50c.  Jimmy Baio must have gotten one of the last PAGODA souvenirs from MANN'S CHINESE THEATRE that cost only 25c.

This is a photograph of an actual 1964 Disneyland back glass.  No original Disneyland backglasses are known to survive.

Even 30 years ago, when this photo was taken, you can see the deteriorating condition of this Disneyland Toy Factory backglass.

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