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Club-A-Rama Week 47:



his machine is a beauty. It has the original red/yellow deck with original Disney posed wire figures in various positions about deck, e.g., pushing the mold halves closed, riding the dispensing shovel, pointing to the finished figure, etc. The original RED Disney delivery door is beautifully intact over the delivery box.


This particular machine was built just before the '64 NY World's Fair, and was last used in 1976. When retired it was producing Pluto Disney figures, the Pluto mold being on the machine and some original old-wax Pluto figures being found strewn about inside the machine.


The MOLDVILLE Mold-A-Rama machine has many, many, many original molds with it. (Not the wax figures;  I'm talking about the aluminum mold halves themselves that push together to make the MAR figures.)


For those inquiring minds, the best information is that the Disneyland Toy Factory Mold-A-Rama machines were NOT ever at Disneyland. But they most certainly WERE at the 1964 New York World's Fair, used to mold various Disney characters, and of course the '64 NY World's Fair symbol- the UNISPHERE!


Question is: What to do with this vintage, beautiful, all-original, operating machine?


While this thought can change depending upon interest, the initial idea is to make figures for those interested, change the mold each week, and offer a 'subscription' for a years' worth of figures. That would be 52 figures, perhaps shipped monthly, including some otherwise commonly seen figures, some not-so-commonly seen figures, and most importantly some EXTREMELY RARELY SEEN figures. While the exact figures to be molded will not be disclosed ahead of time, the rarest molds to be used include molds used at:

     '62 World's Fair in SEATTLE

     '64 World's Fair in NEW YORK

     '67 EXPO in MONTREAL

     Mann's Chinese Theatre in HOLLYWOOD at movie premiers


Each week, on Moldville Mondays, I hope to post a VIDEO clip of the Moldville Mold-A-Rama making that week's featured figure. All those who are subscribed will receive that figure (and subsequent figures). To provide incentive to subscribe beforehand and not wait until a desirable ultra-rare figure is announced, each new figure will be molded only for those who are already subscribed-and only one per subscription. I hope to provide the look and feel-and excitement-of discovering a Mold-A-Rama machine and the magical figure it brings to life.


If/when I get REALLY up to speed (and gain sufficient interest), I may provide some original AUDIO tracks from the Mold-A-Rama machines circa 1960s. This audio was output from a tape player either as an 'attract' mode to randomly attract a passerby, or continuously.


The Moldville Mold-A-Rama is based in Washington, DC, in a location probably 500+ miles from the closest operating Mold-A-Rama machine.


Please, PASS THE WORD! Let me have your thoughts at The more interest there is, the more likely this is to happen! And soon!


The subscription price is looking like it will be set at a mere $5 per week (plus nominal monthly shipping.) Remember, you'll want to subscribe quickly and not miss out on any Moldville Mondays. I plan to start with a bang! If you miss any given week because you haven't yet subscribed, you will have missed your opportunity to own that week’s figure, which very well may have been one of the many extremely rare figure


Sinclair Dinoland

New York World's Fair 1964

These last few weeks of the CLUB-A-RAMA have been somewhat torturous around here.  I actually did a full run of a different figure for this week, but at the last minute have changed it.  That's happened quite a few times in the past few weeks.  I want to get the very best figures out there to you - and after a fully year I'm running out of time!  I knew I couldn't do a year's worth of reissued figures retired nearly half a century ago without paying homage to the Sinclair Dinosaurs.  So this week, decided to run the underappreciated, but actually quite detailed, ANKYLOSAURUS!

The ANKYLOSAURUS, a late cretaceous herbivore (so they tell me) was created by the Sinclair Oil Company for the “Sinclair Dinoland” exhibit at the 1964-65 NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR.  Dr. Barnum Brown acted as a consultant to world renowned zoological sculptor Louis Paul Jonas to create a paleontological menagerie of dinosaurs that would showcase the Dinosaurs of the Mesozoic.  The dinosaurs were created at Louis Paul Jonas Studios and then transported to the fair grounds past New York City on a flat barge in a huge publicity stunt.

This is a complete, original, set of Sinclair dinosaurs obtained in 1965 at the New York World's Fair.  Two things to note when determining if a dinosaur you might have was in fact vended at the New York World's Fair:  (1)  these are the colors that appear to have been vended in the second year of the fair - 1965; but more importantly (2) ALL dinosaurs vended at the 1964-65 New York World's Fair carry the engraving on one side "NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR 1964-65".  That is, with the exception of the BRONTOSAURUS.  The BACKWARDS LOOKING BRONTOSAURUS was vended only in 1964 (though it too carried the engraving "NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR 1964-65".  For whatever reason (probably that the moldset for the backwards looking BRONTOSAURUS is gargantuan), it was replaced in the 1965 season of the New York World's Fair with the LARGE FORWARD LOOKING BRONTOSAURUS, which when vended at the fair carried the engraving "NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR 1965" (since 1964 had already passed by then).

Moreover, while there were only a LARGE ankylosaurus and a LARGE triceratops ever made by Mold-A-Rama (no SMALL sized like the other dinos), the small dinosaur moldsets made for use on the traveling Sinclair roadshow were not made until very early 1967.   (NOTE:  There IS a small Triceratops out there, but it was made in the 1990s by a Chicago operator.)  In a letter from the Sinclair President after that 1966 tour, he announced that they were so pleased with the results of the 1966 tour that they "will tour again during 1967 - and perhaps beyond that."  This all means that the Sinclair touring roadshow necessarily vended the LARGE dinosaur moldsets during the ten month, 10,000 mile, 25-state tour in 1966.  Presumably the SMALL dinosaurs (and only the small dinos) were vended on the tour in 1967 and 1968 (and 1969 if it ran then, but that is the year that Mold-A-Rama started selling machines to third party vendors such as ELDIN IRWIN, so I would think that the last year of the Sinclair tour would have been 1968.)

I'd been looking all year for a movie of the SINCLAIR DINOLAND at the 1964-65 New York World's Fair, and finally found this one just a few weeks ago.  No great view of the MOLD-A-RAMA machines (though they are briefly visible in the background behind the tail of the T-REX), but it's still a pretty cool clip of the exhibit!  (By the way, the audio track is the actual audio that was played in the Sinclair Dinoland exhibit at the NYWF!)


In 1964, the first year of the NYWF, the machines were standard blue body, new-style (Model 688-A) with the gray 'atom logo' front door.  (I have a theory that just about ALL of the 'new' style machines were made for use at the NYWF...)

The following year, shown in the image below (and its closeup just below that), the machines were painted GREEN all around, and carried a large square white Sinclair decal on each side and on the front.  The backglass plexi was changed as well, as were the unbrellas:

After the NYWF ended, the dinosaur models carried the Sinclair flag and toured the country on specially constructed flatbed trailers from 1966 until at least 1968.

These photos of the Sinclair tour were taken in 1967.  The MOLD-A-RAMA machines were stationed at the foot of the trailer line, under the "DINO SOUVENIRS" sign. See them?  You can just make out the CASHIER in the middle, the STEGOSAURUS machine to the left of the cashier, and the BRONTOSAURUS and TRICERATOPS machines to the right.

The Sinclair dinosaurs were still touring in 1968, shown here in Florida.





And oh, by the way, in classic fashion . . . the ANKYLOSAURUS is made in GLOW-IN-THE-DARK CARRIBBEAN GREEN!



There was only ever one size ANKLOSAURUS moldset ever made - the LARGE ANKYLOSAURUS.  The only other Sinclair dinosaur that also was made only in the LARGE size is the TRICERATOPS.  The numbering of the ANKYLOSAURUS moldset confirms that it was made in early 1964 in time for use at the 1964-65 New York World's Fair.

Whatever happened to those large dinosaurs you might ask?  It appears that all but one have found a home somewhere in the US.  For instance, the original ANKYLOSAURUS that was made for the 1964-65 New York World's Fair has since 19709 been living on display at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, when it was officially donated by the President of Atlantic Richfield (who had then recently purchased Sinclair Oil).

Which dinosaur appears to be lost to history?  The small ornitholestes. 

Disclaimers:  The color and/or exact condition of the MOLD you get in the CLUB-A-RAMA may or may not be as shown.  Not for children under 3.

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